A downloadable Ransack Raccoon

Epic Winterjam Entry:

Ransack Raccoon is a high paced  multiplayer extravaganza! In Ransack Raccoon players must stockpile food for thier babies! Fight other Raccoons and steal thier food!

User Reviews:

MR Neon - "Its like Rocket league and AnimalCrossing had a baby and that baby was hungry."

Silas .T - "Man i really feel like a raccoon fighting over scraps and garbage, and i like it"

Best Played with Mouse  Dpi around 500

Controlls Keybard:

Right Mouse - Attack

Left Mouse - Pickup/Drop

Eat food - E

Dash - Left Shift

Dbl Jump - Spacebar x2

Stomp - Spacebar x3


Right Trigger - Attack

Left Trigger - Pickup/Drop

Eat food - OOPS ><

Dash - B

Jump - A

Dbl Jump - AA

Stomp - AAA

Install instructions

Download unzip and play 

if the server is not up Msg me on twitch - www.twitch.tv/Moz306


RansackRaccoonv5.zip 59 MB


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I Played. I Ransacked. I Liked.

I loved the game, I played it with two of my friend and the movement and all of the replication felt great. There was no problems with the game that I could notice. I wish there was some hats on the raccoons and a map that was more for the climbing mechanic which I think should be more useful but that's about it. I rate it 9.89/10 The .89 is for the hats and the map.